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Adapted from an old novella by A Song of Ice and Fire author George R R Martin, Netflix’s latest original sci-fi series is about as far from the politicking, mead-quaffing and dragon-riding of Game of Thrones as things get.

Set in a future where humanity, on the verge of extinction, has sent some of its best and brightest off into deep space to make first contact with a mysterious alien race in the hopes of being saved, Nightflyers has more in common with the dark, disturbing sci-fi horror of Event Horizon or Alien: Covenant than Martin’s better-known fantasy output.

When the ship – it’s called the Nightflyer, of course – founders amidst technical breakdown, unrest and some immensely creepy visions (apparently courtesy of the ship’s resident psychic, who’s presence on board is the cause for much of the aforementioned unrest) the crew must band together in an attempt to save the mission and, by extension, the entire human race.

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