Long Hours of TV-Watching Raises Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Younger People - Breaking Israel News

Take action, for the responsibility is yours and we are with you. Act with resolve!” Ezra 10:4 (The Israel Bible™) A young woman watches tv.

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Caesarean delivery associated with high risk of severe complications for the mother - Hindustan Times

Women who deliver their babies by caesarean section are associated with a higher risk of severe complications when compared with the mothers who go for

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This Summer, Stay Away From Acidity And Bloating With This Delicious, Cooling Drink You Can Make At Home - NDTV News

With the summer heat progressing slowly and steadily, there is going to be an increased need of cooling and hydrating drinks. Markets are flooded with

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It’s Tough Being the First Birth Control App - BloombergQuint

(Bloomberg Businessweek) -- Late one evening last February, Raoul Scherwitzl posted a tweet that, even in this age of oversharing, might have seemed a little

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World Autism Awareness Month: 5 Potential Risk Factors of Autism - News

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects brain development early in life. This can affect a kid’s cognitive skills

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